Scriptrunner Behaviours "Select List Conversions": Documentation about more options?

Hi all,

we are using a few Behaviours to dynamically assemble Select lists. Our users have been asking if certain changes to the look-and-feel would be possible, but unfortunately I haven’t any documentation about that.

So, my first question would be if the options to create a Select list described in the documentation ( are all the options available or if there are more?
More specifically, I would like to know if the following things are possible:

  • If you type in an invalid option in the select, the errormessage automatically says “Invalid value selected”. Can you customize this error?
  • Is it possible to always display all issues returned by the JQL used in the Select list? (I guess workaround would be a really big number in the “max” option?)?
  • We have a lot of tickets with slashes ("/") and underscores ("_") in their summaries. This creates a strange behaviour when typing in the select list. Can you change the way that the result list is “filtered”?
  • Can you create the look-and-feel of “format Response issue” if you fill the options of the select list “manually”?

I hope someone can help and would be grateful for any pointers.

Jin-Ha Tchoe