Scrolling issues in JIRA Kanban boards?

Our morning stand-ups are being blighted by scrolling issues. The board jumps about as your scroll up and down. The jumping about is bad enough that its difficult to keep track of where you are and easy to miss a ticket.

This happens for everyone in the team. Which means it seems to happen regardless of browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) or whether you scroll using the mouse wheel or scroll bar.

Is anyone else having similar issues?

Hello @DavidRawlins

Nope, and there are no active incidents in progress listed on the Jira Software Status page to indicate something widespread.

Not meaning to be rude, but you’ve posted your question in an area for programmers to discuss matters related to developing applications for Atlassian’s products.

If you have a general question about an issue with your organisation’s Jira Cloud instance, it’s best asked in the Jira Software area of the public Community forum where it’s more likely to have someone advise if they have seen or are experiencing anything similar.

Posting a reply here since this is the only place I’ve seen this issue mentioned.
We’re having the same issue and i think story points are causing it.

The points are loaded asynchronously as you scroll, which makes the tickets expand in size once they’re loaded, which causes the whole page to grow and jump.

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I think you are right.
But its strange that it doesn’t just happen once.
If you scroll up and down the jitteryness doesn’t go away.
You would think that once the dots are rendered they would stay.

@DanielGustafsson and @DavidRawlins,

To elaborate on @sunnyape’s response, the comments here will not be treated as a bug report and have a very low chance of being seen by the front-end developers working on Jira Software. I recommend using the link he provided.

Or, if you are happy to use this topic to “triangulate” the bug here (like with the observation about story points), then you’re free to keep commenting. I just wanted to make sure nobody had the impression that Atlassian support would investigate or Atlassian engineering would solve it, based on comments here.