SDK with confluence server without marketplace support?

With the discontinuation of Confluence Server and the shift towards Data Center, the current Atlassian SDK only includes the server variant, which no longer supports plugin installation from the Marketplace. This poses a challenge for developing and testing plugins that require compatibility with other Marketplace plugins (e.g.,

Is there an update planned for the Atlassian SDK to include a Data Center bundle? Alternatively, will there be provisions to allow plugin installations from the Marketplace for the SDK’s bundled server variant for development purposes?

hi @MiklosAranyi, thanks for reaching out to us, this is Jeffery from Confluence DC team. Can we get more information about your case so we can replicate this issue:

  • Atlassian SDK version used
  • Target Confluence version
  • Steps to replicate this issue.

PS: We have tested on our local with:

  • APMS 8.14.3
  • Confluence 8.6.0 (which is the first Confluence DC version)

The steps we did:

  1. Create a confluence plugin using atlas-create-confluence-plugin
  2. Config the target version in pom.xml confluence.version &
  3. Start Confluence with atlas-run from plugin repository root directory
  4. After Confluence successfully started, we were able to login with default admin account
  5. Goto General configuration > Manage apps, filter with All apps and we can see plugin is installed
  6. Goto General configuration > Find new apps, search the target 3rd party plugin and install, which was also successfully

hi @JefferyXie , thanks for your prompt reply I changed my POM accordingly and now I can confirm I can start the confluence server version 8.6. However the find new apps menu shows the message " the Atlassian Marketplace server is not reachable" but I could test it by downloading the drawio plugin from the web and manually uploading it to the server and its working. I will used “curl -v -X GET ://” and it returns positive so it seems the host pc sees the atlassian marketplace server. Anyhow at least I can use 3rd party plugins again for my development.

Hi @MiklosAranyi , glad that you are now able to start confluence 8.6. In terms of the marketplace connection issue, it may caused by different problems, and I would suggest you read thought this kb: Problems Connecting to the Atlassian Marketplace and see if it helps.