Search Request View URL too long


we are creating an customer report from JQL search in JIRA and we are using Search Request View module for that. Everything works well, untill user wants to export a lot of issues (1000+) - this happens because JIRA is redirecting user browser to URL with “issues” query param (A comma-separated list of issue keys). We are hitting CloudFront 413 error (max for cloud-front is 8226 characters in URL).

One of the solutions would be to not use CloudFront for this resource, but this would really break our architecture.

Is there a way to workaround this problem? E.g. query param “issues” is useless when jql/filterId is passed in URL.



You just need to perform POST request, search endpoint supports it.

Thank you.

I maybe didn’t make myself clear, but I’m this plugin module:

so, JIRA makes GET request to our servers, so there’s not a problem of downloading a large number of issues on our side.

Ah, sorry, missed that, looks like Jira has to do POST request instead, hopefully someone from Atlassian will help you better.

Have you found a solution to this problem? We are having this issue as well. Previously had worked around it by not using a search request view, and then using referrer information to get the JQL/filter ID details, but Atlassian changed something there in the past week or so and it no longer worked. Search request view passes everything we need, but the inclusion of the issues parameter with the potentially very long list, can break the request.

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