SearchProvider returns issues which should be filtered out by security-level

Hi folks,

I am using this method to search for issues but it returns the issue user can’t not see due to issue-level security level. Anybody experienced the same behavior and how to do it correctly?

SearchResults searchResults = query,applicationUser, pagerFilter);


Hi Tam,

It’s a quite strange because method should do what you expect. Are you sure that user cannot see the issue due to issue security? Can you double check it? I wonder if you know User Switcher application which is very helpful for this case or just use built-in admin tools on the issue.

In my applications I usually use SearchService and I didn’t have any similiar issue as you. Consider using this interface instead of.

Good luck and please, let me know.

Kind Regards,
Josef Pavelec, at MoroSystems s.r.o., Czech Republic