Security problem related to styled-component version


We have detected a security vulnerability in a dependency introduced by styled-componets version 3.5.0-0.
The problem we are having is that we cannot update the styled-components version, without affecting the atlaskit components.

We would like to know if we can update the styled-components version, without some of the atlaskit components stop working, or if you can help us with any other solution.

Thank you very much.

Hey mate, do you know what packages you’re using have styled components? Most of Atlaskit should have moved off it.

It might be good to make a distinction here between Atlaskit ( and the Atlassian Design System (DS) components (

Although it might be true that most DS components have migrated away from Styled Components to Emotion, there are still a lot of packages in Atlaskit which are not maintained by the DS team and which have not been migrated.

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