See all pages edited by a particular individual within a particular time period

@ianRagudo once concern I have with this approach: Would this only show contributions by the last editor? In other words, if two people edited the same page, it seems only the last editor would show up in the API. Is there a way to see that both people edited within a particular time period? In my use case, I would like to see all pages edited by a particular individual within a particular time period (say last March) regardless of whether they were the creator or if someone else subsequently edited the page. Is there a way to do that in the API?

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As your question, although related, is a different use case to that of the original post, I moved your question to a new topic.

The CQL needs to be modified to achieve what you want. You can try something like

/wiki/rest/api/content/search?cql=type in (page,blogpost) and contributor = "{accountId}" and lastmodified >= {startDate in yyyy-mm-dd} and lastmodified < {endDate in yyyy-mm-dd}

If you want to search for more content created or edited by more than one user, you can use contributor IN ("{accountId1}", "{accountId2}",...).

For more information about CQL fields, kindly check this reference.

Hope this helps.



Hi @ianRagudo! I had another idea: the recent activity plugin nearly has what I want, the only problem is that it returns a fragment of HTML:


Is there some parameter I can pass (perhaps for “theme”) that will cause it to return JSON instead of HTML? Thanks!