Seeking Feedback on Roles and Permissions

Hello everyone !

As part of the next steps in Multi-User App Ownership, we are also planning to introduce roles and permissions. We would like to receive your feedback on the two predefined roles that can be assigned to contributors.

*App Owner has all the permissions including Transfer of app ownership and App deletion

:art: User Experience

  1. Add multiple contributors and assign a role to them

    add-contributor flow

  2. As an admin, modify the role of other contributors


:writing_hand:t2: Feedback

We would like to get your feedback on the following :

  • What do you think about the roles and permissions mapping ?
  • What do you think of the role names ?
  • Are there any additional roles that would help your team? If so, why would you need this role and what may be the set of permissions needed?
  • What do you think of the user experience ?

Hello @ChandanaMeka,

Thank you for sharing those insights. I’m excited to see this feature in production as it would greatly improve the lives of our developers.

Some feedback:

  • Based on my understanding, the mapping of roles and permissions for the three positions (App owner, Admin, and Developer) seems logical and reasonable.

  • I believe it would be beneficial to allow the assignment of multiple App Owners. Our company avoids granting exclusive rights to only one person, as they might leave the company, fall ill, or go on vacation. Without the possibility to assign multiple app owners, we would be forced to create apps with a dummy account accessible to all employees. This is a pattern we hope to be able to end with multi-app ownership.

  • In addition, I appreciate Atlassian’s chosen approach in terms of architecture and UX.

  • The most important feature for us will be the possibility to create custom development environments. Using a dedicated appId for each developer significantly increases complexity. I’m curious to know if this feature will be available in the initial release.

I hope this helps. Thank you.


Hi @JulianWolf ! Thanks for the feedback. I will discuss about each point one by one

  1. This is great to know that the roles we are providing works well for your team :slight_smile:
  2. We are coming up with Transfer of App Ownership feature soon. The owner just has 2 more permissions than the admin which is deletion of app and ownership transfer. Do you see these permissions important to reside with others even after having the Ownership transfer feature and having an admin role that can be assigned to multiple people?
  3. Thanks for the feedback !
  4. Happy to announce that custom development environments is already available in EAP. Do give it a shot - New Multi-user app ownership features available and an update on what’s coming next :slightly_smiling_face:
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Awesome, guess I missed that. Could you please add me to that EAP? I can access the post but right now the mentioned forge environment create is not available for us.

Hi @ChandanaMeka

We’re really excited about multi app ownership!

From our end we’re happy with the roles you have setup. This is the only blocker for us to not start using multi app ownership fully at the moment.

One problem that we’re really keen on having resolved is environment specific manifests! On our local development environment we have additional Forge egress permissions in comparison to our production environment. Currently we have had to build custom tooling to remove permissions from our production manifest. It would be great if engineers could create manifest files that only run on specific environments

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have directly messaged you to confirm the app id

Thanks @BenDavies for your valuable feedback.

Very valid point. I have created this as a suggestion in the Forge ticket - [FRGE-1233] - Ecosystem Jira.

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