Seeking Trello API Developer - .net C#

I’m looking for someone to help me stub out a c# solution. I’ve got GET working, Can’t get POST working.

I have some experience working with Trello in an ASP.NET Core (3.x) environment using HttpClients to query Trello objects (e.g. boards, cards, etc.) as well as update Trello objects (e.g. create and modify boards, cards, etc.)

What do you have in mind? Are you looking to engage a consultant or just a code snippet?


I was looking for someone to help me get started. I finally kept hammering at it and have most things working. I appreciate your response, I wish I could delete this thread, but I don’t see how to.

Having said that… It might be worth a coffee or a few beers if you want to take a look at this.
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Hi Glenn,

Glad to hear that you have gotten the POST working. If you haven’t done so yet, wait until you try to Upload attachments to a card from .Net’s HttpClient. I just spent three days debugging a method that I created to add an attachment from a file generated on the server. It is real fun :slight_smile:

I had a look a the “Add a Label” thread and looks like you figured it out; Just post with the payload
{ "value" = "some-label-id" }

I ran into the same issue you had when trying to add a label via the update card endpoint. Surprise to see that it only replaced the label(s), not added.

Per your comment about the consistent use of end points with regards to Add and Delete… I would argue that the API is consistent with standard REST practices where POST is used to create (or add). The route (url) describes the collection (or object) upon which to act and the payload describes the data needed to perform the action. Thus POST api/cards/{{card_id}}/idLabels points to the collection of labels for a specific card and the payload { "value" = "some-label-id" } describes what to add.

Similarly, the DELETE api/cards/{{card_id}}/idLabels/{{label_id}} describes the object (label) upon which to act (delete).

This is just my interpretation of REST “standards”.

Let me know if you run into issues with adding attachments. I would be happy to share my code.


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Ugg, I don’t think I’ll ever be adding attachments, but I might. I would love to have a look at your code. If you don’t mind please send it over.

At the moment I’m fighting with using the search method to look for a card on a given board. Have anything like this working?

Thank you sir.