Select fields on grey background color

we are currently facing some UI challenges with form fields in our plugins (for Confluence Server). We would like to use grey backgrounds for special areas in complex configurations to help make them easier to use – especially in the administration.
With AUI 8.4.3 all AUI selects have a grey background and no border, which is causing problems here, because they are „drowning“ in the surface and are barely visible. Are you or other plugin partner facing similar problems? Is there a solution for this?

Buttons solve this issue with a transparent background instead of a fixed color. When you place them on a grey background, the button should become darker.

Here is the data I’m getting from the Sketch library:
Color: #091E42
Opacity: 4%

Edit: This is taken from the ADG Sketch library which is part of the cloud UI. The background color may look slightly different on server, I’m not sure about that. But the overall solution could be the same.

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Thank you Maarten. Yes, Buttons have a transparency already on server, Selects unfortunately not yet. We hope that this will come within the next AUI version used for Confluence.