Select2 library used in AUI i at least 6 years out of date

Hi Atlassian,

In the Select2 AUI documentation, you provide no documentation on how to use select2, but refer to the current select2 docs. After trying to use features of select2 and failing, and then raising issues with select2 developers, I have found out that the latest select2 library Confluence ships with is about 6 years old.

Why do you do this to us? Please keep third party libraries up to date, or if you don’t, you must provide the correct documentation for the version of third party libraries you are shipping…

This has wasted days of my time, if only Atlassian bothered to keep technology up-to-date, even if it was one or two years old, that would be better than 6 - come on guys!!!

Hi @mr.chris.kent,

The latest version of AUI 9 documentation includes the information about the version of select2 that is version 3.4.5:

You can find additional docs for it here: Select2 3.5.3

I quickly checked the older versions of AUI, and it looks like all the latest major versions of AUI are using the same 3.4.5 version of the select2:

As for updating the component to the latest version in AUI, we have a ticker in our backlog to do that: [AUI-5054] Upgrade AUI to use Select2 version 4 - Ecosystem Jira

Maciej Adamczak
Atlassian Developer

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Hi Maciej,

OK, the link at the bottom in the AUI documentation takes readers to version 4.0 of select2. The select2 developers have said that the bugs in 3.5.3, which I ran into, have been fixed 6 years ago. Hence my post.

It is nice to know that this library will get updated, I keep getting stung on AUI components that use out of date third party libraries.

What is Atlassian’s policy for updating third party libraries to keep up with security and bug fixes?

As for the documentation on this page (AUI Select2 - AUI Documentation), can the link at the bottom of the page go to the same link that is presented at the top? I unfortunately followed the link at the bottom…



Hi @mr.chris.kent,

Thanks for raising the issue with us. As @madamczak mentioned we have open ticket to cover this case.
Also, I created second one to update link in to documentation: [AUI-5387] Correct select2 documentation link to point proper version - Ecosystem Jira

Best regards,
Marcin Konopka

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