Self signed SSL certificate for plugins?

I have developed my first plugin for Trello, and it is working well. Too well in fact. It has gotten popular with our team and users are experiencing timeouts. The plugin is presently served by I would like to move it to an AWS server. But I note that Trello requires SSL. Will it work to use a self signed SSL certificate to serve from a server without a domain name?

Thank you!

Can’t speak for Trello but if you’re on AWS you can get SSL certificates from them at no cost (I would say free - but it’s AWS :wink: ):

Even if you don’t use AWS - is another option.


Thanks Daniel! If I understand correctly, though, both those options require a domain name that the certificate applies to. Since I would be serving from an IP address without a domain, I don’t think either of those options will work. I could be mistaken though.