Semantics of migration statuses

When an app sends migration progress to (J/C)CMA, the value of the status can be one of IN_PROGRESS, SUCCESS, FAILED, INCOMPLETE. Would you please explain the difference between the FAILED status and the INCOMPLETE status? Wouldn’t an incomplete migration be regarded as failure? Which of those two statuses should we return if some element could not be migrated because of an error?

Hi @david.pinn,

For an error that cannot be resolved, its better to send FAILED with a note about what the failure is. This would require mediation work on server and a new migration.

INCOMPLETE would be used where all the data has been migrated correctly, but something is still required in cloud in order to complete the migration - for example manually editing some data or confirming some options to complete the migration.

Hope this helps.

Side note: We’re taking note of all these questions and will be using them to improve our documentation over the coming weeks.