Sending custom email notifications from Connect app in Confluence Cloud

Hi All,

we are developing a Connect app for Confluence Cloud. We would like to send custom email notifications triggered by our own app, but we would like to avoid having to implement our own email sending logic that would send notifications from our own domain. We see several reasons for that: using Confluence’s own email service would give users a more consistent way to configure notifications, they would arrive from the same email address as the common notifications, perhaps we could avoid querying users’ email addresses altogether (for privacy reasons), and we wouldn’t have to worry about our emails being marked as spam, among others. This approach works fine on Server and Data Center.

I was looking at the public REST API to see if there is a way to delegate email sending to Confluence Cloud, but it seems like it is not possible. Does anybody know if it can be done? Is there an API method available? How do you approach this problem? I’ve seen in other topics that this used to be possible for Jira Cloud but it is not possible anymore. Is that the case with Confluence Cloud too?


Hi @GaborDicsoMidori ,

Confluence Cloud doesn’t provide an email sending API as it’s not a trivial solution to implement when considering abuse prevention, etc.

Please see Guidelines for requesting access to email address for information on using email addresses.