Sending List<Issue> through REST Response

I am trying to implement a RESTful table which calls a custom REST API I made. Right now this API should just get a list of all issues and send it to the table in the response. As I plan to use a lot of JQL later, I am using SearchService to get the results.

Query query = jqlQueryParser.parseQuery(jqlQuery);
SearchResults<Issue> searchResults =, query, PagerFilter.getUnlimitedFilter());
List<Issue> list = searchResults.getResults();

This seem to work fine, it returns a list of DocumentIssueImpl (class which extends AbstractIssue, which implements the Issue interface), when I debug it, all the normal issue getters are there, I am able to get the issue key, summary, etc.
The problem is when I try to put this into the response body.

return Response.ok(list).build();

There are no issue fields in the response body, just this for each issue from the list.

	"created": true,
	"archived": false,
	"subTask": false,
	"editable": true

Now I am not very experienced with this, but I assume there is some sort of mapper that transforms the given entity into JSON and puts it into the body and it seems to be having problems with the getters from Issue interface.

I have been trying to convert the object into JSON through Jackson, but getting this exception - Conflicting getter definitions for property “created”: com.atlassian.jira.issue.DocumentIssueImpl#isCreated(0 params) vs com.atlassian.jira.issue.DocumentIssueImpl#getCreated(0 params)

           ObjectMapper mapper = new ObjectMapper();
            for(Issue i : list){
                try {
                    String str = mapper.writeValueAsString(i);
                } catch (IOException e) {

I also tried Gson, but that dies with StackOverflow exception.

I feel kind of stupid to even ask this, but how the hell do I achieve sending the Issue (DocumentIssueImpl) through the REST interface?

I have generally used a custom serializer for classes I do not own:

Failing that, I create my own POJO instead, but that sucks more.