Sending webhooks without "triggeredByUser" querry

I am facing a problem with connecting my webhook to the Power Apps Module “When an HTTP-Request is recieved”.
This module provides me with an URL, which I have put into the Jira WebHook. This URL carries its own “sig” property for authentication.
Now my Problem:
Jira adds to the URL a querry parameter called “triggeredByUser” which I think is also recognized by the Power Apps Module as authentication and is rejected. I recreated the case by sending the same request via VS Code, minus the added querry parameter and everything works fine. Once added I recieve a 401 Unauthorized and can´t get the flow to start.

Is there anyway to bypass this problem without any 3rd party software or can you deactivate the sending of that “triggeredByUser” querry string so I can get around that problem?

In case you need more info, I´ll try to provide anything I can, but any help in this case would be just amazing.
Best Regards, Max