Sentry self-hosted require a "Cloud Developer" account, paid?

following if we are on selfhosted sentry, we need to register on Atlassian Cloud Developer Instance. But this seems to smell like like something we need to paid if we have more user on board than 5.
Can someone help me with that? My only goal is to finalize the integration of the jira-sentry, when sentry is selfhosted (jira is in cloud)



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Right. It looks like folks here are not familiar with the Sentry integration, which was built by the Sentry team. My best guess is the Atlassian Cloud Dev instances is used so that you aren’t performing install & configuration on production for the first time. It’s a temporary step to make sure things are working before integrating with your real instance, so there wouldn’t be any need to add more than 5 users. I can confirm with certainty that you would switched to a paid plan if you put more than 5 users in a Cloud Dev instance.

Sorry for guessing but maybe asking Sentry support would be a better authority on the topic.

thanks, I was hoping having more information of the cloud dev part, but I will ask it on the other side and put the link here for reference

here it is improvement abouyt doc regarding jira integration on self-hosed · Issue #1000 · getsentry/develop · GitHub


You seemed clear enough on the Cloud Dev part. From our documentation about the free developer instances to build and test your app:

What’s included in a developer instance?

A developer instance includes Atlassian Cloud licenses for:

  • Jira Work Management: 5 users
  • Jira Software: 5 users
  • Confluence: 5 users
  • Jira Service Management: 1 agent

So, yes, free up to the license limit. The docs go on to explain:

Developer instances should only be used for development and testing. If you need this for production purposes please consider using the free support tools benefit.

In other words, Atlassian does not expect that customers should create developer instances for the production use of apps and integrations. That step is unique to Sentry, and maybe unique for on-premise integration? That’s where things get fuzzy for me.

Glad you asked Sentry folks since it’s their docs and integration. That said, please at-mention me if you get pointed back at Atlassian. My “day job” at Atlassian is to work with partners like Sentry to make sure they can get what they need from us, to help satisfy customers like you.

@ibuchanan thanks for all your reply.

Is there a link between the jira instances that will use the plugins and the cloud developer instance? In terms of user for example.

What would be the proper way to set-up thing to be able to do it? if we want to use as production?


No. Cloud Developer instances have no connection to other instances. There’s nothing connected about users. And there’s nothing about apps. Dev instances aren’t even required to build an app. Although it would be reckless, one could build an app in a paid, production instance.

Most apps can be installed straight from Marketplace into production. However, integrating with on-prem tools is a special case. Our development frameworks (I think Sentry uses Atlassian Connect) rely on web standards, like having a stable URL. That’s not easy to do when integrating on-prem tools, so some vendors like Sentry (to the best of my knowledge) and GitLab, have a kind of “self-hosted” option. But, even then, I’m still not sure why a dev instance is needed, because GitLab’s similar approach doesn’t mention dev instances at all. All of this is why I’ve been directing you to Sentry. We need more explanation from them about why their instructions recommend a dev instance.

I have a Sentry Self Hosted installation and was attempting to set up Jira integration today, it was extremely confusing.

I logged into my Sentry account, went to settings > integrations > jira and clicked on the button to install on the jira marketplace. It sent me to this page.

So I installed it in Jira, after the installation was complete it sent me to (the cloud hosted version of Sentry).

This was obviously not the right place. So I had to do extra research and from what I found out I guess I need to make a developer account.

Still confused.

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Have you checked with Sentry? The link on their documentation says to report documentation problems here:

It certainly seems like a good reason to report a problem.

Yeah I just added on to the issue opened by @JonathanVB

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