serviceEntitlementNumber is missing in AC install request

We’re developing AtlassianConnect add-ons and using SEN number to drive customer onboarding process. This is the suggested way to match licensing, sale and instance-related information.
However, I’ve noticed that very often the SEN number is missing in AC “installed” callback.

According to Atlassian (, serviceEntitlementNumber is present for paid add-ons, however with our add-on (which is paid) - this doesn’t hold true.

Looking at our installation statistics, I noticed than mainly SEN is missing in the most recently installed instances, and less often it is missing with “older” installations.

I’ve submitted a ticket to Atlassian, however, this is still in “triage” stage. Can you share your experience if you’ve noticed the same behaviour as well and what was your solution to this?


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We have the same problem so I’m very curious about what the answer we can get from Atlassian.

AFAIK SEN is the only way to match licenses in AMKT with AddonSettings records in DB.

@t990922, I can’t find that ticket you raised. Could you raise a DEVHELP issue with all the information, including some examples, please? (And mention the other ticket there.)

For the tenants where the SEN was missing from the installation callback, does the /addons API return the SEN?

Here’s the ticket I’ve raised with Atlassian:

@epehrson, I checked the /addons API and yes, it does return SEN as expected, however, it shows something weird as well:
active: true
evaluation: true

How is this possible to be both COMMERCIAL and evaluation? On marketplace site it says “Evaluation” and there were no transactions with this SEN number.

We run into this problem too where the API does not return a SEN for some customers actively using and paying for our Cloud apps. We have not yet been able to establish a pattern.