Set app property API response codes in docs are wrong

The Set app property API call says that it will return status code 400 in the event that the value exceeds the 32kb limit, however it actually returns 403 in this case.


Hey Sam, appreciate you raising this. I’ve just created an issue for you and will let you know when this is resolved.

In the future, feel free to send these through directly to our content team by selecting the “Give docs feedback” option on any reference page.


Hi, I am facing the same issue. Not able to set property on app using api and receive a 200 response back with this message in body:

Hi @shorvathhunt,

I think the documentation is correct, but the implementation is incorrect so I’ve created an issue against the code that you can track:


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Hi @logicfactory,

I think the issue you describe is different. Can you please create a separate topic for this and describe what your app is doing in more detail.