Set card background color in Kanban


We would like to know if is there any JIRA Module that we can use to achieve the following requisite:

  • In Kanban we would like to change the card background color based on an issue custom field value (Select-List type).

Our first attempt was create a javacript to read all issues in the board and change the background color with jQuery, but this solution is not good in performance when we have a large quantity of issues in the board.

We are thinking some way similar with the Flagged Issue functionality but we could not discover how this was implemented in JIRA; We hope that this can be a JIRA Module that is called during the page loading and then we can implement using this same logic;

Italo Qualisoni [e-Core]

Poking around at things, it looks like JIRA Agile’s approach is to do it through jQuery. Basically whenever they render a card in the column they add the flag class if it needs to be there.

Where in JIRA are you trying to change the background color?

Mostly in the Kanban view;

After digging I could find the same thing as you mentioned in the velocity file used to render the card;

We have seen that there is a functionality to color the card based on a JQL but we are looking something that changes all card’s background color instead.

Not sure with what you mean with “we are looking something that changes all card’s background color instead” . You could just set a jql query that would affect all cards…

As far as an api - there isn’t one. You’re probably best off trying to create your own view of the cards that you can maintain.

I think they are talking about this.

we want this as well.

black is blocker and red is high priority for instance.


Yes, this would be the requirement that we were looking for! But I think that there is no straight forward implementation for that.


Yes! We want this too.

Yes! We want this too.

Yes there is since this week! Atlassian just released a plugin my company developed to serve you in this manner - it is called “Agile Colors for Jira Software”. Check it out on the marketplace here and let us know what you think if you want.

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Hi, this is likely to be the same question raised in If that’s the case, then:

Vote for this feature to become native:

For Chrome there’s also a plugin:

Jira Issue Color Extension

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The problem with the chrome extension is that you have to install it on each computer

you can also write a javaScript that you put in announcement banner that do it by modifying the html page, I have done it for Gantt chart, it works well with no performance issue