Set Expiry date for JIRA User access

We are running out of JIRA Software User Access licenses.

We do get the duration until when they need access, but manually we need to track, co-ordinate & revoke from users.

Instead, can we automate this by setting in their property or access ?

This feature, seemingly not available, please advise if there’s any possibility on this.

This will help us to recycle & reuse, unused or expired licenses

Kindly advise if there are any info required.

Just to clarify, you’re looking to write a script to access users and the license information based on each user? Based on that information you want to be able to script the ability to track, co-ordinate & revoke users?

Some follow up questions:

  • Is this for JIRA Server or Cloud? I assume Server based on the way you tagged the topic.
  • You’re looking to use the REST API to do this?


Hi Ralph,

Yes, this is for JIRA Server
Not really to write any script, looking if there are any such possibilities.

Any thoughts and ideas are much appreciated

Thanks much

I too have the same need. Please kindly let me know the resolution. Thanks.