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I’m trying to get our team warmed up for using confluence as as knowledgebase / documentation tool and during one of our sessions I got a question if it was possible (from one Space) to choose a (e.g. how-to) template which is restricted to the team only, while other how-to’s are ‘public’. I had shown them the possibility to click on the lock while creating the page and set the restriction but they wanted to know if it was possible via the template, which I noticed is not possible. In a template you can only define labels, no restrictions.

I have an alternative prepared with another (internal) space with permissions set to our team only and I can create pages in this space by setting the spacecode but just wanted to double check with you…

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Anyone? Isn’t this possible at all?

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No, I’m not aware how that would be possible. I’m not aware that pages even remember their relationship to a template. As such, I couldn’t even imagine how apps or automation could help.

If you haven’t already, I recommend opening a “suggestion” with our customer support org so they can log a JAC ticket, giving you, or others who have a similar need, something formal to track.

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Ok, thanks Ian. I’ll open a suggestion :slight_smile: