Setting a custom theme icons, <theme>...<resource name="themeicon.gif" .../></theme>, not repected in Confluence 7.0

I have a custom theme for my company and I have multiple variations changing the header color to differentiate our production from dev and staging environments.

   <theme key="keysight-yellow-theme-full" name="Keysight Theme with Keysight Yellow Navbar" class="com.atlassian.confluence.themes.BasicTheme">
      <description>A Keysight theme for Confluence with a Keysight Yellow navbar.</description>

      <!-- Add in AND REFERENCE the default style sheet -->
      <body-class>lighter-editor theme-default aui-layout aui-theme-default keysight-theme-full</body-class>
      <resource type="download" name="default-theme.css" location="/includes/css/default-theme.css">
         <param name="source" value="webContext"/>

      <!-- Add in the custom style sheet -->
      <resource type="download" name="keysight-theme-full.css" location="/css/keysight-theme-full.css"/>

      <!-- Specify a custom default color scheme -->
      <colour-scheme key="com.keysight.keysight-theme:keysight-yellow-colour-scheme"/>

      <!-- Put a screenshot example 110x73 -->
      <resource key="icon" name="themeicon.gif" type="download" location="/images/theme-images/keysight-theme-yellow.gif">
         <property key="content-type" value="image/gif"/>

      <!-- recommended in the example -->
      <param name="includeClassicStyles" value="false"/>

      <!-- Enable the Atlassian sidebar -->
      <space-ia value="true"/>

      <!-- Add a custom layouts -->
      <layout key="com.keysight.keysight-theme:main"/>

I have the above xml. I’m expecting in the theme selection menu under the general configuration tools to see the image I’ve included with the plugin. In Confluence 6.15.6, I do. In Confluence 7.0.2, I do not.

I’ve been scouring the web for any kind of clue, and have not seen one.

This is the documentation I’m presently using for a reference:

Any insight into how to get this to work?

Hey @scott_selberg

I am a part of the Confluence Server dev team and I have identified this as a regression in 7.0.1 that we will hopefully fix in upcoming releases. You can track the progress in this ticket:

Thank you very much for the enquiry and apologies for any inconvenience caused!

Thanks @mbereznitsky for jumping on this so quickly.