Setting Forge App as TimeTracking Provider

Hi Guys,
my company is migrating from Jira Server to the cloud.
On server, we had a custom plugin for time tracking to display the worklogs stored in Jira along with other information from our ERP system.
Now I have developed a separate Forge App for Jira Cloud, which displays the worklogs with this additional information in a separate issue activity panel.
To avoid users having the Worklogs tab and the Forge App tab, I would like to hide the Worklog Standard tab.
I’ve seen that you have to add the TimeTrackingProviders module to your app to do this. Unfortunately, I found this module only for Connect apps but not for Forge apps.
Does anyone have an idea how I can integrate the module into my Forge app to set this app as TimeTracking Provider or alternatively how to hide the default tab?
We would need to leave time tracking enabled, otherwise I can’t get access to the worklogs via the REST API.
Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue.
We are currently depended on the tempo worklog servlet that doesn’t exist in cloud so need to build something custom.

Hi @Erik2 and @AntonDelitsch,
Thanks for your patience. I’m just trying to track down the team who are best to raise your feature request / feedback with.

Hi @Erik2 and @AntonDelitsch

Thanks for your patience.

As you are aware, at the moment this functionality is only available in Jira Cloud within Connect apps. At this time, there’s no way to do this within a Forge App.

We’ve created a ticket [FRGE-619] - Ecosystem Jira to track interest in this functionality within Forge. It’d be great if you could add a comment to the ticket (in particular, if you can’t build an app in Connect it’d be great for you to provide some information about it).


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