Setting jira version for atlas-create-jira-plugin

Hi guys,
when I am creating jira plugin using command: ‘atlas-create-jira-plugin’ the version of jira in pom.xml is always 7.13.0 (<jira.version>7.13.0</jira.version>).

I know that one of the ways to change the version of jira is to set another value for jira.version in pom.xml.

But is it possible to set the version of jira elsewhere so that command ‘atlas-create-jira-plugin’ creates plugin for given version of jira immediately? (e.g. for jira 8.5.0)

I’ve tried something like this: atlas-create-jira-plugin -Djira.version=8.5.0 but it didn’t work.

Hi jiraWarrior, currently the SDK doesn’t support setting the product version when creating a plugin, a possible workaround would be running a command like this after creating the plugin to avoid the manual work of updating the pom.xml:

cd <plugin-directory>
atlas-mvn versions:set-property -Dproperty=jira.version -DnewVersion=8.5.0

Does this help?

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