Setting non standard allowed origin

Hello! I’m developing mobile app with react-native and Trello API and kind of stuck with authentication.

I’m using webview to send user to and a small device hosted web page with a script to grab returned token and pass it to the app.
Hosted page can have very weird return urls like about:blank or file:///android_asset/auth.html which I cant set at allowed origins list.
Just putting * doesn’t seems to work either (although pages states that “wildcard ‘*’ will allow redirects to any origin”).

Any tips where can I go from here?
Thanks =)

Interesting use case! That isn’t one we had anticipated.

Let me share this with the team and see if we can’t get it updated to better support your setup.

In the meantime, would it be possible to host a small page (via Netlify, Github Pages, or that you could use as your redirect from Trello and then have that page redirect to the local page you’re using?

Yep, that’s how I’ve solved this for now