Setting the user associated with an uploaded attachment via API


I’m currently writing a Confluence plugin which provides an API for receiving files and attaching these files to a page. The plugin runs with administrator privileges and so the default user/creator in that case for generated pages or attachments is always ‘anonymous’. I’m able to manually change the user of a plugin generated page via ConfluenceEntityObject::setCreator (), but I cannot change the user of an attachment uploaded via the same plugin. There does not seem to be an API call for that.


ConfluenceUser user = ...

// Creating the page. Setting the user is possible here
Page page = templatePage.copyLatestVersion ();
page.setCreator (user);

// Attaching data to the page. There does not seem a way to set a user for the generated attachment.
AttachmentResource attachment = new InputStreamAttachmentResource (new ByteArrayInputStream (data), name, format, data.length, comment);
fileUploadManager.storeResource (attachment, page);

Is there a way to set the user for the attachment here, too ?

Thank you in advance !

Hi @FrankBlankenburg ,

As you mention, Confluence sets the attachment creator to the current user upon saving with attachment.setCreator(AuthenticatedUserThreadLocal.get());.

It is possible to override the Attachment creator, although this is not recommended and is using deprecated API. We can update most fields through AttachmentService but not the creator, hence we have to use AttachmentManager and the DAO directly.

Confluence provides the AttachmentManager API to retrieve the Attachment object which is a ConfluenceEntityObject.

So you should be able to do something like:

Attachment attachment = attachmentManager.getAttachment(...)

I haven’t tested the above pseudocode, but let me know how it goes, if it doesn’t work for you I’ll look into it further.



Hi Alex,

yes, this solves the problem ! With one small addendum: The ‘updateAttachment ()’ call must be executed in an explicit transaction, otherwise a spring exception is thrown. The complete code which works fine is:

  * Set creator (user) the given attachment belongs to
  * The default user associated with an attachment is 'anonymous', because the plugin runs in
  * an admin context.
void setAttachmentCreator (Page page, String attachment_name, ConfluenceUser user) throws Exception
    Attachment attachment = attachmentManager.getAttachment (page, attachment_name);
    if (attachment == null)
        throw new ConnectException (Response.Status.BAD_REQUEST, "Attachment '" + attachment_name + "' cannot be found.");

    attachment.setCreator (user);

    Object res = transactionTemplate.execute (new TransactionCallback () {
        public Object doInTransaction () {
            attachmentManager.getAttachmentDao ().updateAttachment (attachment);
            return null;

Thank you very much,

EDIT: Code indentation corrected