Setting up application links


I’m following the documentation here ( to setup my client application as an OAuth consumer.

I do not have the menu items described here and in the screenshot on the help page:

  1. Choose the Jira icon > Jira settings > Products . Select Application links in the left menu.

Any help would be great!

Hi @WilliamDickson,

If you’re an administrator, you should be able to navigate to the Application Links page as per the instructions, although the layout of Jira has changed since the screenshot was taken. Once you’re in the application links page, you should see a text field with a “Create new link” button. Enter a name in the text field and click the button. In the dialog that appears, enter a URL and then click the “Continue” button to see the dialog showing the form in the screenshot as per the instructions.

I’ve submitted an internal issue to have this page fixed/reviewed.


Hi Dugald,

I’m sorry but I cannot see Application Links from the Site Admin or JIRA Admin pages - see screenshots below. Am I looking in the wrong place?


Hi @WilliamDickson,

Are you able to see a “products” option after clicking the “cog” button?


Ah great! Thanks very much, I hadn’t spotted that!

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