Share/Transfer AO Entity between plugins


I know the AO is sandbox. But how can I get the data from plugin A and use In the plugin B.
The AO Entity in the same core lib.

Plugin A and Plugin B use the same core lib. They both have same AO Entity visually.
I manage to get the data from Plugin A using component(plublic=true) & component-import in plugin B.
But it will say linkageError because AO in plugin A != AO in plugin B.

In core lib
@Table("TableABC") public interface TableABC extends Entity { @NotNull String getName(); void setName(String name); }

Plugin A
public interface GetDataServcie { TableABC[] getAllData() }

Plugin B
TableABC[] datas = getDataService.getAllData() <- This will fail linkageError.

I put the Entity within core lib because Plugin A and Plugin B have some same function that consume the Entity.

Is it possible to pass around this Entity between plugin?


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