Should I indicate "InScopeEUD" as true if I store JPD idea keys remotely?

I have two questions regarding Forge app data residency (e.g. PINNED status) eligibility:

  1. I only need to store Jira Product Discovery idea key values (e.g. issueID) in my remote database to then retrieve relevant details through Jira REST to show in my app. In this scenario if I don’t store any data other than issueID in my database, should I set InScopeEUD:true in manifest and make my not eligible for data residency?

  2. I’m going to use vector database for similarity search functionality which I use for detecting duplicate ideas and showing them in my app. For that purpose, I’m going to create embeddings (for now using OpenAI API) of title and description retrieved from issueID object and store string values as vectors. If I stored them explicitly as string even in an encrypted way, I’m almost sure it will mandate to set InScopeEUD:true and make my app ineligible for being PINNED, however, vector/embedding representation of the Jira Product Discovery ideas (FYI. JPD ideas are considered in-scope PINNED data), technically cannot be reverted to human readable format, as they are stored as vector/embedding. In this case, can I set InScopeEUD:false despite storing JPD idea data remotely as embedding/vector?

Greatly appreciate any feedback or hint on this topic!

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