Should 'Issue' be translated in our Polish translations of JIRA products?

In an effort to improve the consistency of our translations we are interested to know which term we should use for ‘Issue’ in Polish

  • problem
  • zgłoszenie
  • zagadnienie
  • sprawa
  • issue (do not translate)
  • JIRA

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I’d say “zadanie” (eng. Task) as issue relates to issue tracker, but if you look at the Scrum Board in polish you’d say “Tasks On the Board” not “Issues on the Board”

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My few cents about translating the “issue” term:

  • “Zadanie” does not sound well, because it can can be easily confused with the Task type,
  • “Problem” also does not fit, because not every issue reports a problem (like a bug, a problem in environment etc), issue covers also feature requests, ideas for improvements, ordinary tasks etc,
  • “Defekt / Bug / …” - like above, it’s too narrow
  • “Ticket / Bilet” - too narrow in my opinion as well, because it is usually used in the Service Desk context only

What sounds universal enough to cover various issue types (Task, Feature, Bug, Service Request etc) are:

  • “Zgłoszenie” or
  • “Sprawa”