Show suggested changes in bitbucket pull request comments

I have a SaaS static analysis tool called Code Review Doctor.

I already have GitHub integration and am adding Bitbucket integration. When a PR is made my tool suggests changes to lines via commenting on the PR inline.

GitHub offers a way for the reviewer to suggest changes by inputting comment like


and the GitHub UI renders a very nice diff and a “commit” button. Ie., see here: Python and django issues by richtier · Pull Request #328 · higher-tier/django-doctor-example · GitHub

Bitbucket does not seem to have this feature. Best I came up with was

i.e see here Bitbucket

Is there a better way to suggest changes in bitbucket?

I ask because:

  • the code block starts at line 1, so that can confuse the reader because the comment may be on line 555 but the code block says line 1
  • there is no single “commit” button