Showing errors while create a issue

I am not able to create a issue because showing error in this fields priority and status
please check in the attached screenshot.

Hi @ManoranjanPanda ,

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There are two approaches to fix this:

  1. Changing the administration of the project so that the fields are visible in the issue creation screen for the type of issue you are attempting to create.
  2. Enhancing your code such that it understands what type of fields are appropriate to set when creating the issue. To do this, you can use the GET /rest/api/3/issue/createmeta endpoint. Also note that there is a similar endpoint for editing an issue.


Hello @dmorrow
your provided solution 1 - I tried but there are no priority and status fields in the Show fields lists. please check the attached screenshot. If I am in wrong place then please share me the link where I can directly access and change.