Showing repositories from 3rd party tool inside Jira's development panel

Hey everyone,

we are currently working on an integration of Jira with the SCM-Manager (, free Open Source SCM management tool which specializes in Git, SVN and Mercurial repositories).

We are aiming at an integration of the SCM-Manager into Jira’s Development Panel but we do not get it to work. At the moment we are lacking the concrete way on how to do that. The integration of SCM-Manager should work the same way that BitBucket Server and GitHub Enterprise already use.

So, to be precise: We are looking for a development approach on how to show repositories from SCM-Manager inside the Development Panel of Jira. Is there any matchig documentation? Could anyone help with personal experience in this case? How do we get a Jira Server instance show data in the Development Panel that comes from the (Git-)repositories of the SCM-Manager?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @KiLampe, I already wrote the following message until I realized you’re talking about Jira Server and not Jira Cloud but maybe this is helpful for someone else stumbling upon this topic for Jira Cloud. Or, you could reach out to Oliver (see following YT link) and ask for someone who can help you there on Jira Server :wink:

There has been a talk about this topic at the last Atlas Camp in Vienna, see the video here: (It’s only related to Jira Cloud, not Jira Server)
You can find more information about the appropriate app descriptor settings on these two pages, depending on what data you want to show:

Hi @shesse!

Thanks for sharing the talk and the provided information. I will get back to this topic and leave an update when I have received feedback from our development.

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