Side menu for app broken, only loads current page on click, refresh is required to load the correct page

For the Jenkins Integration for Jira I have 3 links in a custom section under the admin_plugins_menu section. The 3 links are used to configure different parts of the app.

Each of the web-items has a context of product and url that used this pattern /plugins/servlet/ac/${addon.key}/admin?ac.type=${type}.
I use this because any other combination of url and context values for he web-item results in the left side menu not being contactually correct. When I just use page as context its not the Apps left menu that is shown, but the left side menu of System and not Apps where the pages live.
Using addon completely leaves the left side menu and the top header and so is also not usefull in my case.

Using the setup I have now with 3 web-items that point to the same configuration page works, when partially anyway.

Now there is a new annoying issue that Jira seems to reload a page instead of navigator to the actual page defined by the web-item that is being clicked on.

If I click on web-item 1, then the correct page is being loaded. But when clicking on web-item 2, my app gets the request for the url associated with web-item 1, but will update the browser url to that of web-item 2. This results in the page for web-item 1 being loaded. After a refresh the correct page of web-item 2 is loaded.

Is there anyway I can force Jira to always load the page associated with url in the browser??
Now it is really annoying to have to reload the page every time to navigate using the web-items.