Sign up to develop against the new Jira Cloud issue view

Many of you may have talked with the Jira Cloud team at Connect Week or on a call over the past few months walking through some of the new ideas for the Jira Cloud Issue View. The dev team has been hard at work developing that new view based on the developer feedback you have provided.

We’re almost ready to provide you the developers access to this in your developer cloud instances. We’re asking if you are interested in participating in this early alpha program and would like to get your developer instances turned on in January to please sign up. We’ll have further documentation and materials for you at that time when we turn this on for you.

If you’re interested please read the latest blog post about the alpha program and sign up.


Could you please tell if this feature will vendors to add Issue View in UI of the add-ons they develop? Or it’s just a notification about an upcoming change to test it?

This is a change of how the issue view works in Jira Cloud and an invitation for you as a developer to test this and provide feedback at an early stage.