Simple user macro replacement with Forge

In the previous company I worked for, they used Confluence Server. There I created a very simple user macro that could wrap a piece of content in div with style float:right.

Now I’m working with Confluence Cloud, so user macros are not an option anymore. Would it be easy to get implement the same behavior with Forge?

Hi Bert,

Creating a macro in forge is fairly straightforward yes! I’d suggest getting started by trying out this tutorial

Just keep in mind once you understand the basics of Forge, you’ll probably need to create an app with a user interface that uses Custom UI, rather than UI Kit so that you have the additional flexibility you’ll need. (Learn more about user interfaces here

I hope this helps!

Thanks Mel!
I was hoping for a more complete example that shows how to embed Confluence content in a

. Do you happen to know such an example?


When you say you want to embed confluence content - what kind of content do you mean? Do you just mean text from a page? or something else?

I want to create a macro similar to Expand macro: put styling around an arbitrary piece of Confluence content. This will most often be used to create a right-floating table of content.