Single select component

I have some questions regarding the single select component in AtlasKit.

  1. Loading state
    It looks like the single select component doesn’t have any loading states. Do you plan to add these or do we add these ourselves?
    We would like to show a loading state when we wait for data from the server. This will happen when the user opens the component and when the user starts typing (for autocomplete functionality).

  2. Layout results
    Is it possible to somehow change the layout for the data in the single select component? We would like to add a second row to each result in the list.
    We are using the component to select issues and would like to show the issue description, with the issue key underneath. Basically something like this:

Turns out we were on an old version of the component. After upgrading to a newer version, we found out that the second row was added to the component and it was very easy to get the layout we wanted. Great work there!

We’re still very curious about the loading states, however. Should we implement these ourselves or are they going to be added to the component at some point?

Yup,1.6.1 has description.

Loading states will come, it’s designed and in our backlog but hasn’t been planned in yet. Yes, you could just wait for the update now that you are using AtlasKit. :slight_smile:

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Perfect, that saves us a lot of time. Great work on AtlasKit! :+1: