Skeleton app for per-space themes in Confluence Cloud

Hey there,

so I have no experience with Atlassian app development whatsoever. None. I don’t even know if I’m in the right place for the question I have.

What I need is the ability to define per-space themes, meaning that I have a Confluence Cloud organisation with many spaces, and for each of the spaces I can define a “theme”, which sets custom colors, header logo, and maybe even favicon.

So is this even possible? If so, does anyone have an “empty” / skeleton app that does just that, which I could use as a starting point?

Thanks so much,

Sounds like you can potentially do most of what you want without building an app

Otherwise, you can use the REST API to retrieve and set themes.

The problem is that I don’t know how to develop a theme that can be used for a single Confluence Cloud space. On Theme, there’s a big banner that says

“The Theme API was built for a UI that Confluence has recently moved away from, and doesn’t support the new UI. Based on Theme API usage to date, we are evaluating whether Theme API will support the new UI.”

Sure enough, I successfully built apps both with Forge and Connect that were deployed to my dev site with tunnel and ngrok respectively, but the lookAndFeel settings just don’t have any effect.

Can you advise?