[Solved] A bug in 'Plant your code' challenge

I’m not sure where to report this. Let me know if this is not appropriate.

I find that in the description, “I love water!” becomes “Imus lophylumvellia wativatelliar!”. So “I” remains unchanged.

My original solution didn’t change the case of letters but couldn’t pass the test. After I add toLowerCase, I can pass the test.

I’ll share this with the appropriate internal team, thanks for raising it! :slight_smile:

No worries. :smiley:

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The Plant Your Code team are aware! Thanks for raising it!

Had the same issue. The wording of the problem and the example didn’t mention the lowercase. The comment section did mention this: @param {string} message - The message to be translated in lowercase.

Turn out that the judging logic is looking for something else. Took me a lot of time on such a trivial question. And it is still not solved yet after a year… :stuck_out_tongue:

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