Some fields are not editable in editmeta when accessing them through REST API

Hi All!
We have encountered an interesting situation. The following fields are not editable when you are trying to access them through REST API of Jira Cloud:

  • Tracking Time (nextgen projects)
  • Original Estimate (classic project)
  • custom fields of the label type (while the Labels field is editable itself).
  • Parent
  • Epic Link

The editmeta parameter has no info about this fields. (a method search REST API)

Have you ever encountered such problem? How to properly handle it and edit these fields?

Sincerely, Vadim

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The editMeta is based on the fields present on the Edit screen. Maybe that’s why you’re not seeing some fields, if they are not present on the Edit screen.

For classic projects this is so. This is primarily an issue in nextgen projects, where I do not control screens in a normal way.

Sincerely, Vadim