"Something's gone wrong" error occurs for unauthorised users or users without global permission

My team develops Structure plugin for Jira cloud. Our users encountered “Something’s gone wrong” error message. We discovered that there are few cases then this error message appears when it shouldn’t.

  1. User session expires and user tries to reload page.

  2. User global permission was revoked by administrator and user reloads page.

  3. User uses direct link without logging in first.

We tried removing “has_global_permission” and “user_is_logged_in” conditions from our plugin descriptor, but it had no effect.

It would be great to have some meaningful error message (or redirection to login page when it is possible). Or no error at all, so we could check user authorisation and permissions by ourselves.

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Hi @SergeiAfanasev ,
Can you describe your problem more thoroughly?
At what pages exactly does the error appear?
Can you give some steps to reproduce it?


Hi @TomaszZasada !
For example, open any Jira cloud plugin (Structure would be perfect) and copy its URL. Then logout and try to open copied URL. You should see the error instead of login page.

Hi @SergeiAfanasev,

Did you see this thread already?
Another developer has shared a workaround in this comment: When user is not logged in Jira is not redirecting to login page when app general page is accessed using direct link - #9 by moveworkforward

It would not help in every case, but it could help in the third case that you shared.


Hi @ccurti! Yes, I saw it. It helps, but only if we provided such link to a user. If one user copies url directly from browser and sends it to another user, then problem stays.

Totally, it will not work in every case.

I’ve also raised this now for tracking and shared it in the other thread as well: [JRACLOUD-78566] When accessing an app direct link as an unauthenticated user, the redirection to the login page doesn't work - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.


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