Sometimes Jira Expression it.isEpic will result in error "unrecognized property"

In our app, we are running the following Jira Expression: => { id:, key: it.key, epic : it.isEpic, issueType: it.issueType, style: })

We observe that about 1% of all requests (which affects some 6 of Jira instances using our app) fail with this message:

{"errorMessages":["Evaluation failed: \"it.isEpic\" - Unrecognized property of `it`: \"isEpic\" ('isEpic'). Available properties of type 'Issue' are: 'assignee', 'attachments', 'changelogs', 'comments', 'components', 'created', 'creator', 'description', 'dueDate', 'environment', 'fixVersions', 'id', 'issueType', 'key', 'labels', 'links', 'originalEstimate', 'parent', 'priority', 'project', 'properties', 'remainingEstimate', 'reporter', 'resolution', 'resolutionDate', 'securityLevel', 'status', 'subtasks', 'summary', 'timeSpent', 'updated', 'versions', 'voters', 'votes', 'watchers', 'watches'"],"errors":{}}

I don’t know how to reproduce this. Does anyone have any idea?

How are you selecting the issues? Could you be retrieving non jsw issues?

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The issues are selected by the user, so non-JSW issues might be among them. Thank you for the suggestion, will check

Thank you for the suggestion! I have managed to reproduce the problem, but I still don’t understand it :slight_smile:
The issue mentioned is from a Software Project; and I’m executing it under a user which can access the project and create issues in it.

All right next question (because I did get recently bit by this) - is the user that you’re using to request the jira expressions a JSW user (ie is the user licensed to JSW)?

The user is able to create issues in that project, and create issues in epics in that project — I guess that means that the user is licensed, right? I’m not administering that instance, so I’m not sure if I can check it directly in some other way.

After all, you were right. It turned out that although the project is displayed as “Software Project”, in fact JSW subscription was entirely deactivated on that instance.
I was misled by the “Software project” label, I didn’t realize that one could switch off Jira Software and still keep using Software projects.