Source code of default macros like "code snippet", "Expand" and "Excerpt"


is there any way to have access to source code of default macros on Confluence Cloud?
We need to extend Confluence cloud and looking at the source code of macros like “code snippet”, “Expand” and “Excerpt” would help a lot.

Thank you,

Hi @HugoVilardouro,

I don’t think we can send you the source code. The best we can offer is some links to the documentation and our help for any specific questions you may have. Here are some documentation links:



thank you for your feedback Dugald.
Unfortunately I had already seem all those pages (and a lot more) before asking for help here.
The problem that I have is that when I’m showing the macro body it does not have the same CSS that is used when I’m editing the macro.

I wanted the source code for some default macros to learn how to do it.
I actually believe it would be great learning materials for Confluence customers.

Any chance to have access to some default macros?