SpacePermissionManagerInternal inject

I’m developing a new custom plugin, I change the permissions of some spaces.
I’m using Confluence Server 6.13.0.
I tried using the SpacePermissionManagerInternal in my plugin but cannot inject it successfully.

The method:
is Deprecated. since 5.9.
Use SpacePermissionManagerInternal.removePermission(SpacePermission, instead.

I don’t know how to inject the class SpacePermissionManagerInternal.

I tried
private final SpacePermissionManagerInternal spacePermissionManagerInternal = ComponentLocator.getComponent(SpacePermissionManagerInternal.class);


private final SpacePermissionManagerInternal spacePermissionManagerInternal;

but without result.

The error is the package com.atlassian.confluence.internal

Thanks for support

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I have the same problem. Have you had any luck yet?