Spring Boot Actuator

Under https://bitbucket.org/atlassian/atlassian-connect-spring-boot/src/master/ is documented that the actuator can be used. I tried different approaches and get always problems with the realms authentication.

I want to analyse the json-streams for the responses, so i can better build the pojo’s. Some examples seem outdated, so the pojo must be modified (ie. accountId). I found a solution with

public class RequestLoggingFilterConfig {

	public CommonsRequestLoggingFilter logFilter() {
		CommonsRequestLoggingFilter filter = new CommonsRequestLoggingFilter();
		filter.setAfterMessagePrefix("REQUEST DATA : ");
		return filter;

but want to unse actuator. Could you give an example, when you write in documentation that it can be used (and is not in conflict with the atlassian-spring-framework).

I don’t fully understand your example and what you are trying to do.

But atlassian-connect-spring-boot simply makes sure to not interfere with Actuator. Otherwise, the two are entirely unrelated. We have an integration test that verifies this.