Spring MVC, JPA and Hibernate in Jira plugin

Hello everybody! I’m new to JIRA and Confluence plugin development so I have a few questions.

  1. Is it possible to use pure Spring MVC in my plugin, including RestController, ControllerAdvice annotations, using Spring global exception handling, Spring AOP, etc. For some reason, there are no answers to these questions in Google. I know that atlassian products use the Jersey framework as a standard for developing a REST application, but I would like to use the familiar Spring products. If it is possible to use Spring MBC, can you have a link to an example application configuration? (how to correctly register a servlet dispatcher, etc.)
  2. Atlassian recommends using ActiveObjects as an ORM for plugin development. But I found a meager amount of documentation for this plugin, and in Jira since version 6.0, transactions have been dropped in ActiveObjects, so this is not very suitable for production. Also, BLOBs are not supported in ActiveObjects. Is it possible to set up interaction with the database in the Gira/Confluence plugin using JPA/Hibernate? Google again did not give clear answers to these questions, so if possible, please share how this can be configured.

Thanks for all the answers

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