Standard context parameter not available on macro **editor**

Note there are few threads on non-standard context parameters, this is about “standard context parameters" defined here: Context parameters.

The following parameters are common across all requests and are always included in the URL query string.

  • lic : the license status
  • cp : the context path of the instance (eg: /wiki )
  • xdm_e : the base URL of the host application, used for the JavaScript bridge (xdm - cross domain messaging)
  • xdm_c : the xdm channel to establish communication over
  • cv : the version of Atlassian Connect that made the HTTP request to your app.

We noticed that standard context parameters are not available on macro editors anymore. Has it been removed on purpose?

This has got less attention than I expected :wink:. Is this just us? Could you please comment if you have got xdm_e and xdm_c in URL?

We don’t see this in our dev instance.

Hi @marc , did you mean you don’t see those parameters? Or did you mean you don’t this problem (so you see those parameters on the URL for editor)? Thanks

Sorry for the confusing answer. We see the parameters in our dev instance (at least if I understand your question).