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What new is coming up?

Currently, we do not have any statefulness in Jira Projects. Either the project was available or deleted.

We are now bringing the ability to archive and soft-delete (or move to trash) projects in Jira Software Classic and Jira Software Next-Gen.

Right now, all new projects are in Active state by default. There is no explicit state for a project as the only state they can be in today is Active . They get removed from database immediately once they are deleted.

We will be introducing 2 new states for Jira projects as part of this update:

  1. Archived
  2. Deleted - This is a soft deletion i.e. it does not get removed from database entirely.

To facilitate this feature, we are extending the UI as well as introducing few new REST APIs.

UI changes

How to archive a project?

You can archive a project from Manage Projects as follows:

This moves a project to Archive state and remains permanently until unarchived. This is a premium only feature at launch. All issues and links associated with this project will not be accessible. If users have a direct link to an issue of an archived project, that will be accessible in read only mode.

Admins can unarchive the projects to Active state from the Archives page on the left panel.

How to delete a project?

You can delete a project from Manage Projects as follows:

This moves a project to trash and remains there for 60 days after which, it gets permanently deleted. Direct issue links for deleted projects will return a 404 similar to a permanently deleted project.

Admins can restore the projects to Active state from the Trash page on the left panel.


Because of the new states, we have made some improvements in Jira Cloud’s Project Search API:

  • /project/search will return only Active projects by default. This API will remain unchanged as currently, only Active projects are returned.
  • New /project/search?status=archived will return all archived projects.
  • New /project/search?status=deleted will return all deleted projects.

We are also adding the ability to subscribe to these new events of state changes using Jira’s Project Webhooks:

  • New project_archived - Project was moved to Archived state from Active state.
  • New project_restored_archived - Project was restored to Active state from Archived state.
  • New project_soft_deleted - Project was moved to Deleted state from Active state.
  • New project_restored_deleted - Project was restored from Deleted state to Active state.

When are these new features and changes coming up?

We rollout new features via progressive rollouts and here are the timelines for these features:

  1. Project archival will start to rollout from April 24th and will be fully GA (Generally Available) by first week of May.
  2. Project deletion will start to rollout from April 7th and will be fully GA by mid of May.

When these features go live for customers in production, will my current app break?

No, it should not. Because we’re only adding new query filter parameters to the search API, and adding new webhook events. No breaking changes are being introduced.

Steps for testing your app

  1. If you are interested, you can sign up at Developer Preview for Stateful Jira Projects and provide information about your development/testing instances for early access.
  2. Once your instance is whitelisted, we will send you a confirmation email.
  3. You can then go ahead with testing your app with these new changes. If you experience any problems or have any feedback, please feel free to share it in this community thread. :slight_smile:

What will be the behavior of Issue Links? What about Confluence Issue Macros?

What is the behavior during the first 60 days?

The form is private so we cannot register :slight_smile:

Thanks for pointing out @yvesriel. I have fixed the link. You can sign up at:


I assume the project_deleted webhook is then still called right @aagrawal2 ?

If a project is deleted, is it possible to create another project with the same KEY if the deleted project hasn’t been purged yet? What about this behaviour for archived projects?


Can we expect to see a rest endpoint for restoring deleted projects?

Hi @margus.nael,
Thanks for your question on the new feature we are rolling out in Jira.
You are correct. Once it gets permanently deleted, the same project_deleted webhook will be triggered as before.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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Hi @vpelizza,
Thanks for your question.
If a project is in “Moved to trash” or soft deleted state, then we cannot create new project with same key.
But, once it gets permanently deleted, Jira will allow creation of new projects with the old key.
Hope this helps.


Hi @MichaelKuhlBobSwiftA,
Yes! We do have a public endpoint to restore deleted projects (not purged projects) and will share more details on that by April first week.


Hi @PradeepKaushik,

After archiving a project, the project name will be displayed in shared by section for workflows,screen etc… ??

Hi @boris,
Thanks for your question.

The behavior will be similar to how it is when the project is permanently deleted. Clicking on it will not open the issue as its deleted (or in trash).

In the first 60 days, the project is in trash and can be restored any time. But, its issues are considered same as if its permanently deleted. Directly opening an issue link for a project in trash will show an error saying “Could not connect to the issue”.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

Hi @nvulli,
The project name will be shown but clicking on it will just redirect to a page showing the project is archived. We plan to further enhance this and indicate to users that the particular project is archived depending on its usage and feedback.


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When will the project webhooks be updated to include the soft_deleted, archived, and restored_deleted, etc. events?

We don’t see them listed here, but please let us know if documentation on them lives elsewhere!

Yes, I think the new project statuses are GA now, right? Time to update the official developer documentation?

Golly, we’re going to need answers to these questions pretty soon.

Shouldn’t the GET /rest/api/2/project/{id} REST end-point return soft-deleted projects, or provide a query parameter that controls the returning of a soft-deleted project?

Let me check up the status on documentation with our team.

Yes, please do. Are you also the right person to follow up on changes to the GET /rest/api/2/project/{id} end-point?

You can reach out to me :slight_smile: