Static connect macro fails to get macro content

Hey all-

I’ve just deployed a static connect macro that is replacing an on-prem user macro into AWS lambda. This macro is effectively an old-school status macro with pre-determined options in a dropdown.

I got the macro installed, but when I place it on a page, I get the following error: Cannot GET /sandbox/dropdown-status/macro. When I go check the lambda logs, I see the following: - - [14/Apr/2024:04:57:37 +0000] "GET /sandbox/dropdown-status/macro?status=COMPLETE& HTTP/1.1" 404 168 "-" "Atlassian HttpClient unknown / Confluence-1000.0.0-27e0085cc86b (6452) / Atlassian-Connect/1000.0.0-27e0085cc86b"

I’ve attached the index.js from our routes folder as well.
index.js (3.9 KB)